Social Media Campaigns

Choose Your Social Media Channel, We Plan The Objective and Setup Sponsored Ads
Whether to Increase The Awareness to Your Business, Increase Sales and/or Raise Traffic and Engagements to Your Fan Pages and Accounts on Social Media.

This service offers different types of business to sponsor and promote their brand, products and/or services through Facebook: the most powerful social media network campaigns for most of the business categories. We set the type of advertisements we will provide according to your business objectives and goals set in the marketing strategy with the right and specific targeting strategies to communicate with your right customers. These types of advertisements are:

- Page Promotion: Increase your Facebook page fans.
- Post Engagements: Increase the number of people reacting, commenting, clicking and/or sharing your post on your page.
- Lead Generation: Gaining customer information through the Facebook registration form.
- Conversions: Increasing your website traffic and people converted to specific pages.
- Link Clicks: Increasing the number of people clicking on specific links.
- Event Promotion: Raise the number of people going to and interesting in your event.

This service is tailored for business updating their status with high frequency letting people know more about your business day by day. We are offering different types of advertising on Twitter as follows:
- Brand Awareness: Promote your Tweets to maximize your reach and raise awareness of your brand's message.
- Tweet Engagements: Increased engagement leads to the brand lift and offline sales.
- Twitter Account Promotion: Increasing followers to amplify your message, on and off Twitter.
- Conversions: Increase conversions and traffic to your website.
This service is optimized for business which has youth and younger age customers and/or audience. We can place most of the Facebook ad types on Instagram, Also we can promote posts on your Instagram account adding a call to action button as follows:
- Single Photo Ads.
- Multi Photo Ads (Carousel).
- 30-Second Video Ads.
- Marquee Ads.
- In Addition to Facebook-Based Ads.
The best case to get fans, subscribers and awareness using a video are YouTube campaigns, especially if your ad campaigns mainly based on videos that regularly created and uploaded to people on social media. We are offering promotions on YouTube as follows:
Display ads: Appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. For larger players, this ad may appear below the player.
Overlay ads: Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.
Skippable video ads: Skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video.
Non-skippable video ads and long, non-skippable video ads: Non-skippable video ads of up to 30 seconds that must be watched before your video can be viewed.
Bumper ads: Non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds that must be watched before your video can be viewed.
Sponsored cards: Sponsored cards display content that may be relevant to your video, such as products featured in the video.