Google AdWords

  • Keyword research: AdWords associate researches for keywords and also find out keywords that are closely related to what the advertiser wants to promote.

  • Inform clients: An AdWords associate communicates with the clients and answers their queries related to the various schemes available for online advertising. He explains the clients about the new features or services offered by Google.

  • Check advertisement content: The AdWords associate has to check the quality of the content for advertisement. He must ensure that the text, images, or the audiovisual content that goes online is not offensive or violates any copyright laws.

  • Help sales and technical support team: The AdWords associate helps the sales team in achieving the targets for a given period. He coordinates with the technical support team in the process of placing advertisements on web pages.

  • Analyze campaign effectiveness: The AdWords associate monitors and analyzes the effectiveness of a particular campaign. It helps him to decide whether the campaign is performing as expected and if not, how it can be tailored to generate more profit not just for Google, but for the advertiser too.